Voices of Faith, Rom:

Chantal Götz, „Voices of Faith“, berichtet von einem offenen Brief an Papst Franziskus über die Beteiligung von Frauen in der Kirche und fordert dazu auf, sich selbst an dieser Brief-Aktion zu beteiligen und sie zu verbreiten.

Nähere Angaben hierzu im Aufruf von Chantal Götz:

"Dear ladies

I hope this email finds you all well!

we need YOUR voice!

Catholic Women Speak and Voices of Faith are collaborating to gather signatures on an open letter to Pope Francis, expressing our respect and appreciation for his leadership but asking for a more active commitment to dialogue and collaboration with a wide range of women who represent the diversity of the worldwide church. We sent the letter to him last week as a courtesy with cc to Cardinal Parolin, so both are aware that we are doing this.

The letter is available for signature on the https://voicesoffaith.org/, in English, Italian and Spanish. please sign and I would appreciate it if you can spread it through your networks.


..and sunny greetings from Cerveteri!


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